adam massey - director


Adam Massey was born and raised in Toronto,  Canada, before moving to Los Angeles to attend film school at the Art Center College of Design in 1992.

In 1996, Massey graduated ACCD with a bachelor of fine arts degree in film, and a four-spot student reel. Two of those spots, both written and directed by Massey were Clio Award winners.

Today, with well over 200 commercials and dozens of awards, Massey splits his time between Los Angeles and Toronto. 

Among his international client list are corporations such as: Coke, McDonald’s, Molson’s, Hallmark, General Motors, Sears, Labatt's, Southwest Airlines, Visa, Ford and Budweiser.

Massey’s feature film directing debut “a LOBSTER TALE” starring Colm Meaney, was released in 2007.

“MAN vs” starring Chris Diamantopoulos, was the second feature film for Massey. It was released by eOne in November of 2015.

Massey’s third film “The Intruders” for Sony Pictures; starring Miranda Cosgrove, was also released in 2015.

Massey has recently partnered with Sixth and Idaho (Matt Reeves) and Netflix to Produce the Hugo award winning Sci-Fi novel “Way Station” written by the master of science fiction Clifford Simak into a feature film.

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